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Elevate your expectations
Elevating customer expectations is our mantra.

A drive to find the right solution, the right vehicle for every need. We have been in the business of providing integrated logistics and industrial solutions for over 50 years, ranging from new and used sales to rental and technical support services for forklifts and aerial platforms to cleaning machines, compressors, equipment and automation solutions.

We are the ideal partner for the definition, selection and supply of industrial equipment. We identify the best tailored supply, rental and maintenance solutions that ensure efficiency, flexibility and cost optimization. We constantly invest in partnerships and technologies in innovative fields such as digitization and automation to find the answers to the questions of the future.

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Elevate your expectations with new machines


  • Supply Hub. Leading Italian sales dealer for top brands of industrial and logistics machinery.
  • Ad hoc consulting. Consulting team dedicated to needs analysis and identification of the best integrated buy-rent solutions. 
  • Integrative customized outfittings. Vehicle customization service with integrative options for efficiency and safe operation.
  • IoT connectivity. Connectivity solutions for computerized factory logistics management and service planning and safety.

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Elevate your expectations with used machines.


  • Top multi-brand used dealer. Italy's leading player in the used multi-brand logistics and industrial machinery market.
  • International network. International selection, buying and selling network with consultants dedicated to finding machines for specific needs.
  • Wide range. Over 900 machines in stock or guaranteed used machines.
  • Specialized warehouses and workshops. 6 logistics warehouses and specialized workshops for reconditioning and servicing the machine fleet.

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Elevates your expectations with rental

Large fleet. Multi-brand rental fleet of more than 7000 machines, from electric pallet trucks to heavy-duty specialty machines.

Specialized consulting. Advice on identifying the best rental solutions in terms of type, duration and technical safety and service coverage.

Prompt availability and service. Prompt delivery service and accurate technical assistance for timely and effective solutions.

Safety and efficiency. Constantly updated fleet with brands of excellence in quality, technology, reliability and safety.

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Elevates your expectations with service.


  • Specialized staff. Staff of highly competent technicians with expertise in each sector and product.
  • Timeliness and ubiquity. Continuous customer support and mobile workshops for rapid repair work at job sites and locations.
  • Method and scheduling. Scheduled maintenance to maintain high standards of safety and quality and continuity of business processes.