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Training by forklift and aerial platform specialists

Logistics sector requires more and more highly qualified staff. Moreover, the Legislative Decree No. 81 of April 9, 2008 regarding occupational health and safety has made it mandatory for those who drive forklifts and aerial platforms to hold certified skills.

At Colorfer, we believe in the value of continuous training, and that is the way our Academy was founded. The goal is to provide a structured educational program, in line with the standards, for the training and updating of workers on the safe handling of forklifts and aerial platforms, in the various phases of use (driving, loading, unloading, transport and handling).  

The schedule of courses

We organize meetings dedicated to skills updating to encourage safe and optimal use of equipment, issuing related certificates. The training includes hours of theory training on the requirements, duties and responsibilities of the operator and a part of practical training to learn how to make full use of the equipment, optimizing working time, and how to operate safely, avoiding dangerous situations.

The courses take place in dedicated classrooms by expert trainers. They are assisted by qualified technical training consultants from Lombardy school "Scuola Italiana Anticaduta", the first one in Italy to actively deal with the training of workers in relation to the occupational risks involved in working in extremely safe conditions. The teachers have many years of technical and professional experience gained in the field of forklift and aerial platform.


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