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Prompt service for the continuous operation of vehicles

Extraordinary maintenance, routine maintenance, or adaptation to new needs: we take care of each industrial vehicle to ensure continuous availability. We offer in-house assistance, with a workshop of more than 5,000 square meters, and external assistance, thanks to a 24-hour call center and 70 specialized employees equipped with vans with diagnostic tools, manuals and multi-brand spare parts for trucks, compressors, and platforms.

The staff of highly competent and up-to-date technicians in terms of technologies and regulations, specialized for each sector and product, supports the customer with reliability, safety and timeliness of intervention. We offer scheduled service for routine periodic maintenance work and on-call service for extraordinary maintenance or inspection work.

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Vans equipped with diagnostic tools, manuals and spare parts

Routine preventive maintenance
Planned periodic checks with official manufacturers check list to ensure vehicle efficiency, safety and reliability, scheduling interventions at agreed times, avoiding unplanned downtime.

Custom extraordinary maintenance plans
In the case of heavy use or in special conditions and environments, customized maintenance schedules can be defined to focus on the customer's particular needs and aspects of increased wear and tear.

Safety testing
Safety testing at scheduled intervals to verify on site the efficiency of safety systems, such as chain and fork control and safety circuits.

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Annual FEM4.004 inspection 
Special inspection with trained technicians according to international standards and FEM4.004 guidelines with the aim of adding further value to routine preventive maintenance activities.

Maintenance on ATEX machines
Special maintenance service on machines with specific set-ups and explosion protection to work in environments subject to explosion risk

Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Thanks to interconnection systems, it is possible to carry out remote trouble shooting and adjustments of ordinary machinery operating parameters

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Reconditioning and refurbishment of machines, with complete disassembly, cleaning, and overhaul of individual components, from chassis to engine and transmission. Replacement of all worn or compromised parts with original spare parts. Restoration of all safety devices and repainting of the machines. Each machine is then subjected to very specific inspection processes that comply with stringent protocols. Original spare parts and total overhaul of the vehicle ensure greater safety and reliability and increased performance.

Spare parts warehouse with more than 10,000 managed codes and 50 equipped vans with daily in-night spare parts restocking service.

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Deutz Authorized Service Center

Since 2021, Deutz, one of the most reliable brands in the field of agricultural and industrial vehicle engines, has chosen Colorfer as its exclusive service center to cover the logistics sector and especially forklifts rental. In our workshops we repair Deutz engines and install Deutz brand spare parts guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

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