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30 May 2022

 Roberto Selini:  A&F Economia de' La Repubblica

A&F Economia de' La Repubblica tells the story of the growth of Gruppo Selini, from a family shop to a leader in Italy in logistics; from Bergamo to Europe just like Atalanta!

The first forklift sold. "The 80s. My father procures a Clark forklift. We have to hand it over. For technical problems we take half a day to do a kilometer. Once there, on the first attempt to lift the forklift, due to weight, the forklift breaks in two». A start with a bang, but in the accident, reread now, there is the metaphor of destiny that overturns the debut. 

The everyday boost? "The adrenaline of the search for unobtainable pieces," says Roberto Selini, 60, from Telgate, and visiting Bergamo only on Sundays when the Atalanta plays at the Gewiss Stadium.